If the rings can make one 19 again do this mean he start to grow again?


Posted by Thomas on January 07, 19101 at 21:32:03:

I was listing to the audio tapes and was told an old man can become younger to about 19 and be 19 forever. (19 is still growing stage) Here my question can a 30 year old man in a few years time beable to become 19 again wearing the magnetic rings he should in theory start to grow in height because once he reach his teens again his body should start to unfuss his growth plates making him grow? Is this possible in theory? If the rings happen to make one younger then 19 or go back farther it might reverse one height because it all be in reverse?
ANSWER: I don't think so. I have used the rings for 10 years, and I look physically 20. (I am 30 now.) I didn't grow an inch all these years. In order to make a person grow, I believe Tesla machine is necessary. We have to induce more volts into a person's body without electric shock which could hurt the flesh. The higher voltage will force the body to grow in size, which means you become taller. Hopefully I will be able to test on this new technology soon.

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