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Posted by Paul Scorp on January 10, 19101 at 13:24:26:

Dear Alex, Your rings are awesome, i wake up feeling refreshed and i am noticing that a old knee injury (loss of some cartilage & ACL surgy)is not aching in the mornings as it used to. Thank you! Will you please let me know as soon as possible when i can buy an Electric Magnetic Coil that you speak of? Thank you,Paul Scorp
ANSWER: Sorry. I won't be able to sell magnetic coil for awhile. For legal reasons. Also magnetic coil does not come one-size-fits-all. In order to build a coil which can heal, for example, your knee injury, I have to custom make a wooden frame that holds the heavy coil which points exactly to the injury on your knee. The frame cannot be metal. It has to be wood or plastic in order to reduce energy leakage. I have to decide to either build a single coil or a double flip-flopping coil. So if I want to build a coil which heals blindness, I have to design a wooden stand which holds a double flip flop coil which points to the patient's two eyes. (One coil on each eye. When one coil switches to south, the other one switches to north. They switch back and forth) Too expensive to build. Too hard to ship. Too easy to break. So it's a lot of headache. Not to mention the FDA. The coil could be heavy and the frame might break. Too dangerous. I cannot take risk.

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