Weight Gains


Posted by Julian Michelucci on January 13, 19101 at 19:16:25:

Alex, I was wondering if I wear the magnets will it be ok if I eat fatty foods like McDonalds everyday? I mean, will my weight stay the same if I wear Magnets everyday? Does diet or nutrition play a role or can I just eat junk food and stay thin with your magnets? Thank You
ANSWER: My rings are designed to allow people to eat whatever they want. Remember, this stuff is invented by a Chinese. Chinese people always eat nasty shit. Of course i would think about food when I invented this stuff. Just joking. But I think food, cholesterol, is not strong enough to stop the power surge of my rings. By the way, now I have a web ring. Why don't you join? If you join, I send a pair of my plastic rings to you, this way, you don't have to use your paper rings anymore. Join at http://www.alexchiu.com/webring.htm Just write a testimonial on your site and join the webring. If you join, I will send you a pair of my rings immediately. thanx.

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