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Posted by Pro Player on January 18, 2001 at 22:25:27:

Hello, I'm a world class athlete that has lost 0.09 seconds on my 40 yard sprint due to age. My average was around 4.30 for all my twenties, but now, in my thirties, I'm running a 4.42 at best, nearly 4.48 on average. Please tell me, will your ring regress my age 3-4 years to get my sprint time to 4.32 again? I have no injuries, but only aging. Also, how long can I expect 3-4 years deaging? My athletic career is at its twilight, and I would like to play until I have the opportunity to win a Super Bowl, which is not going to happen soon due to a rebuilding process.
Eternal Life Device is perfect for you. It does so many incredible things to human body, even I can't describe them all. You should wear it, and I believe it will de-age your body.

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