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Posted by Monica Gertsson on January 21, 2001 at 03:51:26:

Monica Gertsson

Hello. I started with the regular Eternal Life devices both rings and footbraces early november 2000. I am 53 year old lady. I have had fibromyalgia since -79, and living in a cold climate like Sweden is not the best for me. The pain have been terrible, to the point that I was not able to get out of bed. I also have diabetes type II and Fatigue Syndrome. And overweight. And my eyesight was getting worse due to my diabetes. I can with a strikt diet hold my suger down. But lately have not.

I could feel a tingling in my fingers just after 30 seconds putting them on. I thought, this can be true. Nothing can react so fast. So I took them off again. And put them on after 10 min. Sure enough, the same sensation in my fingers. That night I slept very good, with very strong dreams. And I have not slept for not even two hours straight before, this time seven hours. That have not happend in at least 20 years. And in four days, I woke up and could move without problem, still some pain, but not as much. And had very vivid dreams, and I am working with dreams, and have dreamcourses. So it is very good.

After one more week, I got the footbraces. And wow, after just one night, I got out of bed without pain. That have not happend in years. But in a few hours after I have taken the rings and footbraces off the pain starts to come back, but only half as much. That was not enough, being overweight I felt I had shrinked my flesh a bit, that was the feeling every morning, but again after a few hours, it felt the same as before. And another big advancement is my eyesight, it improved so I had to get new glases. This is getting expensive, hehe. But worth it.

Mentally I am more positive and content. I am not as worried as before. That is a great effect for someone who have been burned out before. I also have gotten rid of my Fatigue Syndrome, that stays away even when I am off the magnets for hours.

After two months of use, I have realised, that I don need as much vitamins as before to do the same effect. It seems like with a higher circulation the body can utulize it better. In Sweden is also a test being done at one big Hospital with patients that have depression. That is helping a lot. That can some of my friends who bought the rings agree too also.

I have now used the magnets for little over three months. And once again, did I have to change glasses. And finally, the sugar seems to have dropped slightly. But the hunger is getting more intense. I use to do Qi-Gong before, and just using these devices for three months is more than one year of Qi-Gong, much more. I am also growing my hair much faster. And the texture have change. It is kind of softer texture. And finally I am in so much less pain now after using the devices for three months. And this time the pain does not come back. And they are actually very good to have when you meditate. I seem to move into a deeper state faster with them on. Contemplation with visualization is also going very good with them on.

I am not looking at making the body eternal, since I believe I as soul live for eternally anyway, but who would not mind, having a young looking body when leaving. I will continue with an update on my progress as well as my friends. And eventually I will get neodyme rings and footbraces to see if there is a speed up in my progress. But looking younger I believe I need stronger stuff like neodyme. But these magnets are my friends. Will not part from them for the world. So please try it out. You never regret it.

Monica Gertsson

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