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Posted by Monica on January 21, 2001 at 05:07:37:

Some of my friends progress. One of my friends Anette, 40 years old. She is a Qi-Gong instructor. She is amazed at how fast the circulation moves. She have not had her period for 7 years. That started with wearing the Eternal Device rings for only one month. She sleeps much deeper and more vivid dreams. She also got pimples again. So we joke with her and told her she have turned into a teenager again. Before you know it, we are in the crib with the bottle hehe. Just joking. Her friend who have had reumatic pain and have not slept one night through for years, slept the first night in years, wearing the rings. He feels better overall.

Another friend Christel, she also have fibromyalgia, her pain is much less too. And she sleeps better,a dn have been able to get rid of her antidepressant.

My 18 year old daughters allergy is getting less. she have much better concentration in school, she have actually raised her grades. But she have a hard time going to sleep. so she can not wear them every night. But if she have not had them for one night, then her concentration drops.

There will be 5 more testimonials coming in so stay tuned.

Alex, I am having clients that I am not able to leave out names, but they too have had incredible progress mentally. I am still waiting for this report fro the hospital. I told Joseph about it. I will send it as soon as I get it. Thank you for coming out with the devices. The very best. Monica.

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