Do magnets have to be over every toe?


Posted by Thomas on January 21, 2001 at 05:24:17:

I brought the neo. rings and I decided to make the foot braces so I went to a hardware store and got several magnet bars. One magnet bar only reached my first 3 toes and not the 4 th toe. I also tried to place a second magnet bar on that toe but the two magnet bars keep on repelling. + on on side and - on the other side of the bar magnet and to the cut off sides are repelling forces when another magnet is place on the last toe.
Can one have a magnet bar over the first 3 toes the small toe the middle toe and the next toe, but leave the last toe and the big toe without magnets?
ANSWER: Yes, the magnet bar must be on all 5 toes else your polarity will screw up. That's not good for the body. I know that you cannot align bars together because + will repel +. So maybe use a piece of metal bar to sandwich them together and wrap them up with duct tape.

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