Posted by curious on January 22, 2001 at 21:34:04:

I was wondering how the magnetic rings might be able to keep the ribonucleic acid from losing it's length when a cell splits, eventually causing the cell to no longer split once it's length is diminished?
ANSWER: One of my affiliates wrote this:

"Now I know for a fact that the best identified reason why the body ages is because the telomers of body cells shorten and the telomerase (an enzyme that is supposed to counter the shortening of the telomers) gets used up over the years. One of the ways to counter this is by avoiding to drain the body from its enzymes (and consume enzyme supplements if necessary), and have a sufficient intake of minerals and vitamins. This means f.i. that one should avoid eating cooked and processed food (as when cooked or processed, food takes more enzymes from the body to be digested).

So if the rings really heal body tissues, like f.i. scars (as some have testified), then they might also heal the telomers, and then (maybe, as this is an unverified speculation) THIS COULD WORK!"

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