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Posted by Thomas on February 03, 2001 at 00:56:17:

Can the rings and foot braces help anxiety and panic attacks? Can it help nervousness too?

Can you give me some information on testimonials on people who have used the rings and footbraces to get rid of there anxiety, fears, social phobias, and nervousness.
And how long will this take place because the brain is more complex then other parts of the body it might take awhile do you think? I seem to suffer from social phobias and ocd compulsions too.
thanks a lot.
ANSWER: Uhhh..... Im not a psychotherapist. But my customer, John Sosdan, told me that his entire family is using the device. Ever since the foot braces helped him got out of wheelchair and saved him from a possible amputation of his legs, he no longer is anxious. His wife and he don't argue anymore. His wife's athema is also cured. So everyone's happy.

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