Do I need foot braces AND the more powerful rings


Posted by Mike on February 06, 2001 at 15:20:54:

I have had severe asthma and allergies due to a chemical exposure (methyl bromide) for 9 years. I have also taken very large doses of prednisone to keep breathing. I'm off steroids for now (3 months).

Questions: Will the more powerful rings in addition to the foot braces help me to heal better/faster, or are the regular rings sufficient? Has anyone else been in this approximate situation, and how long did it take to see results. Finally, will prednisone interfere with the action of the magnets?

Thanks in advance

One of my client has asthma who uses those inhalers 3 times a day. After using my foot braces and neo rings, now she's off the inhalers. She never had an athma attack either after using the device. Result can be seen immediately. I think since you're not healthy, you might as well try the strongest device possible.

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