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Posted by John on February 09, 2001 at 07:48:58:

yes the polarity is correct the plus pushes away the other plus and the one not marked pushes away the one not marked, Its 5 am here and I cant sleeep my heart beat is 132 bps no lie, and I can barely walk because im so dizzy and my head feels like a rock, trust me its a VERY un comfortable feeling, yesterday I jsut slept all day and still feel tired, is your heart beat supposed to be 132+? because my mom has high blood pressure and she has to have it treated with her 120 bps heart rate.. does this effect go away or do I have to go through this everynight? and I put the rings in the other room and im slowly starting to feel a little better, these are the neodymium rings.
ANSWER: If the polarity is correct, don't worry about it. It's just strange stuff happening to you when you wear the rings. Strange phenomenon occur to almost every first time user. About the fast heart beat rate: People should experience that in the beginning because all of a sudden blood flow has been increased. So the heart has to work extra hard.

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