Posted by Bill on February 09, 2001 at 07:57:43:

Hi, I recently joined chinese Whusu (martial arts).
My sifu (chinese)instructs me to eat based on yin-yang .
If someone is yang make him eat yin foods like fruits
to balance him.

If the disease is yin (e.g cold) eat
yang food like ginger and viceversa. I am using your
devices , must I follow yin-yang in diet to be young &

I have told my friends (yep! lot of'em) to buy
footbraces as they are stronger than rings but now you
are telling footbraces don't work without rings, how
can I tell them this ? Can you tell some details about
ANSWER: Don't listen to your teacher. That ying-yang treatment doesn't work as well as western vitamins. My great grandma's father (100 years ago) went to a Chinese medicine doctor. The doctor told him that it's alright for him to eat rice so he can balance the force. But he went to a western medicine doctor who told him that he has serious liver disease and must avoid eating rice. He continually ate rice and died within a month. So what good is the ying-yang food theory? I been thru that crap, and I will never go thru it again. I basically eat anything I want, whenever I want. I never follow any rules because I got my rings to protect me. To answer your other question about the foot braces: I sell the rings and foot braces together. If people purchase the foot braces, rings come with it. So why worry?

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