effect of the rings part IV =)


Posted by John on February 15, 2001 at 21:58:35:

yo alex,

I just wanted to say that I feel reallllly good, its sorta like im not my own person, its kool, I know why I felt so bad before, it was because when I was asleep on the first night, one of the rings fell off and I was sleeping on it... it was dureing the night so I just re put it on with out checking the polarity and must of put it on backwards by mistake, DO NOT make this mistake anyone reading this make sure the rings are tight and double check to make sure they are on right before going to bed, or you will feel worst then you have EVER felt before, its torture... but after 3 days of sleeping with the rings right I feel SOOOOO MUCH BETTER, if you dont believe me, wear the rings wrong for one night, you will feel like dyeing, this is how I know theres definatly something with the rings, thx alex, I ordered the foot braces through the affiliate program like a couple days ago, well see what happens with them, and which day of the week are the affiliate products shipped out? peace -john

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and nathan, if you read this, I have not been able to reply to your e-mails because you left no reply address, just a name and dumb outlook express didnt catch the reply adress, so next time send your e-mail!

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