Effects of heat on the magnets?..


Posted by Pow on February 17, 2001 at 16:08:09:

Hello Alex. Just got your neodymium rings and foot braces about a week ago. First night, it was hard to sleep as hell but i got used to it now. Been wearing it ever since and notice that my upper body is bigger in size, must've been that extra chi flow. I lift weights too. I just have one question? Does heat have any effect on the magnets? Before i go to bed, i usually like to wear the magnets and sit next to the heater and heat my feet before going to bed since the foot braces are cold. What i had notice is that i would have to much energy if i get food high in carbohydrate such as rice before i go to bed. somehow the magnet would speed up metabolism and keep me extremely warm all night during those cold winter nights. I also do chi breathing exercise. Anyway, my question is does heat have any effect on the magnets? will heat draw any of the strength of the magnets or what? If u can help me, i would really appreciate it. thanx.

p.s. i'll post any more of the effects that i get from the magnets as soon as possible.
ANSWER: SOrry. I don't know.

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