Super Human Strength and Speed


Posted by Hybrid on February 24, 2001 at 16:14:37:

I just want to ask you a question i have been wondering baout for a long time and want to know before I buy a ring. I just want to know if your a real sportsmen like me. Could it make you better in every phisical way. I have been in here looking for a straight answer but saw none. Theres this one guy who can run 1/4 lap in about 1 min and 4 secs. I'm down to 1 min and 30 secs. If I got the fot braces and rings and put them on both hands and feet. for 14 hours a day every day. Could I be able to beat him in a short time. I am a wrestler-boxer so I have to have endurance. Will it Improve greatly on that. My friends know me for being super Strong. But will it increase strength. Will my Bones become stronger? I also have a layer of fat that no one can notice when I have me shirt on. its around the front part of the body. Will It make me leaner pretty fast? Thats about all and thanks for takeing time to answer thesequestions. When I'm a Heavyweight Boxer-Football player-Scientist I'll make sure to promote you. I might even be president.
ANSWER: Well, I am not a sportsman. So I don't know all those answers. I only know that the device will benefit your general health.

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