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Posted by James (jim) on February 26, 2001 at 01:54:30:

Hi, I am a medical student. Please answer the below questions as it'll be easier for me to explain to my professor and fellow students.

1) What is the strength of Neo rings? The strength was not mentioned in the papers which came with the rings.

2) You say we don't have to worry about food while wearing your devices. Does this mean that even if we fast without eating any food (except water) we 'll still live healthy?

3) I am building footbraces with the free sample magnets given to my father. My dad (doctor) wants to see in his own eyes that footbraces is stronger before ordering the footbrace from you.
You say "+" should be seen on top of right hand from dorsal view. Now how to arrange the magnets on foot. Does north pole touch the top of foot or south pole.

When I become a doctor I 'll introduce your devices to all of my patients (yes I know they won't become sick anymore but I 'll have peace of mind.:-)
ANSWER: The strength of Neodymium is 21,000 gauss. I did not say that you don't need to worry about what food to eat. I said that I am Chinese, and therefore I don't care what I eat, and I believe the rings will help clean up my cholesterol. The foot braces should be arranged the same way as how you arrange the rings.

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