Help! My HIV+ problem


Posted by Aaron Gelding on March 11, 2001 at 05:08:34:

Ok, I am a gay man, 28 years old, living in West Hollywood. I am HIV+. However, I have no problem with having unprotected sex with a multitude of problems. I figured, hey, if we all wear these rings, it can't hurt us right?

One of my favorite lovers, Bert, passed away last month from complications from AIDS. He was one of the first people you sold rings, to Alex. What's up with that?

All my friends are dying. I'm dying too. Can I have my money back before I pass on? Please?


Aaron Gelding
Is this post a joke or not a joke? I would like to know that seriously. I always wanted to know how will my rings affect HIV or AIDS. If this post is serious, I guess my rings can't help HIV.

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