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Posted by Michael C. on March 20, 2001 at 02:35:00:

Well, it's been about 2 months since I started wearing the neodymium rings. I have an interesting story that I swear is true. Last week I had some old pictures developed that were taken several months ago, and I was shocked when I saw myself in them... I looked a couple years older than I do now!! I see myself every day in the mirror, so I don't really notice myself "looking younger," but after I saw the photos I couldn't believe it. My face is now thinner and has less puffiness and better color, and also my chest is becoming trimmer and I'm slowly but steadily losing that annoying layer of fat on my belly that accumulated when I was 19. I'm now 22 but people are now telling me I look 17 or 18, and I think that's mostly due to the weight loss. I even got carded for seeing an R-rated movie the other night.

I went through some very strange sensations the first few weeks I had the rings, but now they are diminishing and my body is getting used to them. In fact a few nights ago I went to bed without the rings on by accident, and the next morning I felt a little weak because I didn't get the high bloodflow I had been getting lately.

There's only one problem... sometimes I get a little pain in my chest, and I'm wondering if that's because my heart is working too hard. Alex, you insist that an increased heartrate with these rings isn't unhealthy... are you sure? You've worn the rings longer than any of us; what is your heartrate like? I don't want to have complications with high blood pressure because of the rings; that's the only thing I worry about. Other than that, the product is working great!

Michael C.
ANSWER: People might feel that the heart is working harder. It's the same with everyone. But that's the way it is. No worry.

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