Rings stop working??


Posted by Nathan on March 20, 2001 at 02:41:19:

I have been wearing the rings almost religiously for about 2 months and i must say that i was amazed when the started working minutes after i relaxed and sat down. I felt something in my head "unwind". I get a tingle throughout my whole body when i wear the rings.

I trouble sleeping at night and i have to find some way to burn up the energy or else i'm up till 6 in the morning. Is there anyway i could redirect this energy into my healing processes?

First of all, i would like to know if the rings can help heal blemishes on the face.

Second of all, what is this tingle that i feel and does it help the healing process?

My other question that do the rings stop working after a while? I haven't noticed the rings healing me at all. I try to drink plenty of water and i exercise and i even sometime do rhythmic breathing and pranic breathing. This seems to increase the tingle, but after about thirty minutes of wearing them, the tingle stops.

Is there anything i can do to increase the rate at which the healing process moves?

Is sleep important in the healing process?

Thank you very much,

ANSWER: They don't stop working. It's just that all your major blockades have been broken open by the power of the rings. Therefore you don't feel anymore wierd sensations. Once the blockades are gone, there is no more tingling feelings. If you want to go to the next step, or you say, to enhance the effect, try the foot braces. Or even better, try to build the coils mentioned in my "heal the handicaps" section. I built one for myself. The power produced by the alternating magnetic coil gives me stopless tingling effect. Night after night. Hey about the power keeping you awake at night: Sorry dude. Some folks get that strange effect. I can't do nothin 4 u.

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