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Posted by Blue Window on March 21, 2001 at 05:27:22:

Can your rings help with memory loss, Elzeihmer disease, probably due to old age?
ANSWER: Someone wrote me this email. Please read it because it answers your question.


Dear Alex,

We have corresponded by e-mail before. I and my home partner Lisa who has been beset by memory lapses for a year. We are very happy to have yourclamps (iron) and rings. We have ordered the Neomydiam full set for two, from Joseph, trading up, who said in an e-mail that they are being constructed.

As you may know from previous e-mail with Attachments, I've recorded and printed out practically everything on your very inspiring Site.

One of your testimonials said that a man had put the ring on his penis, and it had improved his erection condition, so his wife is ecstatic. I could use a boost like that, which I am only now discovering the need for. We hadn't engaged in intimacies for several years; it seemed to reduce occurrence of argument - so we could keep the peace between us.

I should report to you that she has in a few days of wearing the rings and braces, recovering memory on the mornings of things thought about the night before. She hasn't done that in a year. so, she is so grateful for the magnet help to her that we agreed to share an amorous episode! It turns out I am the one who needs to come up to capacity. She exploded but I could not accommodate. If you think there is a chance or a way that I could utilize the ring or two of them to help my condition, please tell me. I have already tried to wear one ring there, having the gold magnet facing toward the head of the penis, you might say, upward. But the whole ring is a little too small in diameter, even though I unlock and spread the plastic wide enough. But I am unsure about the right pole position. Or could I put 2 rings on, in what position? Or maybe you could design a special fitting for this purpose? There should be a lot of buyers, IF it really works. Too
soon for me to tell. Besides I'm not using the Neodymian magnet there.

Can you enlighten me? or all of us?

Also, I am planning to tell a great many people about you and your product over a long period of time. but it seems I need two or three things from you, to ensure a sucess that would get off and running. I think it would be good if I have a code that you would issue to me upon purchase, perhaps to attach to my name, and you would pay me a given fair %age of any sales I would refer to you. If you can set it up like other companies do, I would receive a given (smaller) %age of sales those referred ones referred - something that gives us/ me enough of an interested incentive to continue doing it. You could do it in conjunction with an affiliate site for each buyer who will praise you and want to sent people to you, who need your VERY VALUABLE Products and help.

I'm sure you have thought about this.

Another thing I would like (as MANY OTHERS WOULD) is a very nice Brochure (triple fold?) to hand out, that you would let us buy from you at your cost, plus shipping and handling. Some of the Literature I received with the rings and braces definitely helps, but some of it is not as helpful as it could be. the print is too fine in some areas, and simple things said that is now not mentioned like how to keep them on the feet with socks set aside for the purpose - reminding the wearer of which side is up on which foot, and how the ring sets on the pinkie with the magnet pointing to the finger tip. OTHERWISE MIS-POSITIONING IS DEFINITELY NOT HELPFUL!

PS: Joseph told me of one customer who found a way to position the rings next to a container of good water, that the body would love to drink. Isn't that something you could make a part of a purchase? When we're not wearing them at night they can be put to good use to improve one's drinking - (and cooking?) water.

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