Shorter people have hard time falling asleep

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Posted by Alex C on November 14, 1999 at 00:24:44:

In Reply to: Is there any adverse effect? (side effect) from your devices? posted by Muad Dib on November 14, 1999 at 00:23:39:

The side effects are: Shorter people (4 foot tall or a little taller) find that with my rings on, they will have difficulty going to sleep. They said that they felt tremendous energy boost while sleeping and therefore kept them awake for at least half an hour before they can really relax. But taller people did not report to me any side effects and have no trouble with the rings at all. My good friend, a 6 foot tall German fellow, sleeps quite well even with the foot braces PLUS the rings on. My suggestion is: for shorter people, sleep half an hour more. Wear my rings or foot braces until you get used to it. Its like wearing contact lens. At first, its not so comfortable. But you will get used to it. One little lady told me that at first, she felt tremendous amount of energy boost at night which kept her awake for awhile. But as she insisted on using the rings every night for a week, she felt nothing after that. Its worth it though. Because the energy boost is what's curing your damaged body cells. The energy boost is what's keeping you young or turning you young. Its like a battery for the human body. My device charges you with Chi energy every night so that you can become younger, not older. Also, if your blood circulation is bad, you will feel great amount of power thrusting through your entire body. It's only curing you, thats all. If you have injuries or diseases, you will notice the incredible energy thrust washing your injuries or damages away. But as I say, its all worth it. You are getting younger for that. If you purchase some medicine, and you don't feel any difference, why use it?

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