Can people with heart disease wear your device?


Posted by Brandon on June 15, 192002 at 01:40:08:

The real subject of the post is concerning a friend's father. I'm not exact on his medical conditions, but some of them include diabetes, hepatitis C(one of those :[ ), heart problems. I know he is dying, but I just want him to be more comfortable for what time he has left. Do you think he could withstand the rings with any sort of heart problems?

Also, the rest of my family is interested in buying some rings for themselves. Would it be against policy for them to buy them through my affiliate link?



ANSWER: I know that my disclaimer stated "Please consult your doctor if you have heart problem or is pregnant. But I have to write this disclaimer because every merchant who sells magnetic theraputic devices write that kind of disclaimer. Just to protect myself. But honestly speaking, so many people who have heart problems use my devices and they loved them. They say that my devices get rid of their heart diseases immediately. People with clogged artery or heart burn reported that their heart problem went away within days.

You can tell your relatives to click on your banner to buy the devices. You will receive the commission for that too.