My skin condition is clearing so fast!


Posted by Mary on June 20, 192002 at 18:25:38:

Hi Alex,

I'm 39 years old and in fairly good health.
(Well I was 39, now I'm 35. No, wait, I'm 31 :-)

I've had a wierd fungal skin condition (candidas) for about 3 years now. It's on my upper body, front and back. I've tried to cure it using different homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, pharmaceuticals, vitamins and supplements. Some days my skin would clear a bit, then other days it would worsen.

Nothing was consistant in making it go away.

I received a set of Neo rings and Foot braces last week and began wearing them immediately.
Today my skin condition is about 80-85% GONE! I do mean gone. I can hardly tell it was there! It's only been 5-6 days since I started wearing them. These things are incredible!

Sure, I had the typical head tingling, great sleep, energy, and vivid dreams many speak about, but what's happening to my skin is amazing! I will keep you posted on the last 15-20%. At this rate, it will be gone completely in 2 weeks! Yipee!

Alex you're a genius! Thank you for your offering.

I have a question about polarity position with the foot braces. You recommend keeping the polarity of the foot braces similar to the finger rings (right-north up & left-south up). Would changing the polarity of the foot braces (to opposite R-S & L-N) on the feet make a big difference? Would it cancel each other out?

I look forward to your reply, and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on such a simple, yet life-enhancing idea!

Live well,
Laugh often,
Love always.


ANSWER: Try not to switch the position of the foot braces. If you do, they might cancel each other out.