inlammatory arthritis


Posted by Kristine on June 29, 192002 at 16:40:33:

Dear Alex,

I have written several times, but my questions are not being
posted. Are you receiving? Please let me know.

I would like to try your devices because I am severely
disabled (wheelchair/bedridden for 15 years although I'm
only 46) with inflammatory arthritis.

Since not all types of arthritis are characterized by this extreme
inflammatory process (rhuematoid arthritis is an inflammatory
type, osteo arhtritis is not) I was wondering if anyone
has any experience with using your rings and toe magnets
during active inflammation?

The reason this is important, is that during active inflammation,
sometimes stimulation (like massage) that increases
circulation, seems to make it worse. On the other hand,
lack of circulation in general, seems to be part of the
problem and causation with this disease.

The doctors do not have any cures. They only give drugs
that partially relieve symptoms while stressing and
eventually destroying the liver and immune system.
I am really very serious, as I am in a desparate situation.
Could you please help with information?

ANSWER: I don't dare to answer this question because I really don't know. I did have testimonials stating that arthritis have been reduced or being cured as pain disappears. I think you should try the rings and see if it works or not. If the rings don't work, you can always return them to us within 90 days.