Acne started to clear away the moment I put on the rings!!!


Posted by Gian on July 16, 192002 at 02:54:30:

I received my rings about 4 days ago. I tried them every night in these days and this is my testimonial. I'm 20 years old, so I didn't notice any visual improvement by wearing the rings, and my health is actually perfect. But I suffered from acne for more than 6 years. I tried every cream, every pill, every skin care product on the market. I have been visited by every dhermatologist of my city. Nothing worked. I spent a lot of money in these things. Well, I weared the rings for three days AND MY SKIN STARTED TO CLEAR!!

My god...I never seen my skin so clear from MONTHS! And all without skin care products or other things. This can't be a coincidence, my skin started to clear the very day I started using the rings. I was somewhat worried for wearing the rings because you said that the rings could cause acne. well, in my case the acne started to vanish! So maybe we could assume that the acne can cause acne in old people, in young people WITH acne the acne should disappear or at least should become better.

Anyway this is a GREAT product, is so simple in conception but so powerful. When I get used to the normal rings I will try the neodymium rings with foot braces.