This is a replacement for Viagra for people who cannot use Viagra due to heart problems.


Posted by Dr. Chet Biffenson on August 30, 192002 at 07:44:07:

My life has changed one hundred percent since I bought Alex Chiu's Eternal Life Devices! I'm getting up in my years and recently began to have some impotency problems. Due to a heart condition, I was unable to use viagra, this left me very frustrated. That is, until I discovered this website. I was doubtful at first, but once I put the devices on, I knew it was right. After 3 weeks of sleeping with the devices, I no longer take my heart medication, and have NO trouble getting up in the morning (no pun intended). Everyone should at least give Mr. Chiu a chance - I did, and I'm a doctor! Thank you Alex Chiu!