degenerative disc's


Posted by Pete on September 09, 192002 at 10:09:36:

will your product help my degenerative disc's in my spine? Will it cure or ease pain caused by disc hitting nerve?
how long before i receive foot and rings if i order?
is power of magnets: regular=1000 guass, and 21,000 guass for both neo rings and neo foot products?

ANSWER: Lots of users reported that the rings and foot braces do align their disfigured bones back to the correction position. Therefore, I believe that your degenerated disc could be realigned back to the right position so it won't hurt your nerve anymore.

If you place an order with your credit card, you receive it within a few days because we send it out via priority mail. The neodymium foot braces and the neodymium rings are both N30. (around 12,000 to 21,000 gs.)