Effects on someone who is TS


Posted by Adrian on October 10, 192002 at 22:06:42:

I am 25 years old and transsexual (male-to-female). I just started hormone replacement treatement (HRT) just a couple of months ago.

My question is how will this device affect me? Will it help the hormone medication, or will it increase my testostrone levels and be counter-productive for my use?

So should I wait for the hormone medication to shut down my testostrone levels? (which will not happen for several months).

The hormone medication takes several months before any major changes happen.

I am sure that this is perhaps the most unique question that you have received. Anyone else who is transsexual tried this device?? Thanks.
ANSWER: I think that the device will try to pull your body back to your manhood. any abnormal or man-made testostrone level will be reconfigured back to the normal level. Surgical area will also try to heal back.