What kind of problems could your devices cause to TV, Stereo, DVD, Videocassette, credit card?


Posted by Michela on October 24, 192002 at 14:10:04:

Hi Alex,
I'm italian and I'm thinking about buying regular rings, neo rings and the foot brace, but I'm asking about the possible damage that they could cause.
Would it be same problems with the TV, Stereo, Videocassette, DVDs, credit cards and all the magnetic card. At what distance I have to put your devices from them? The problems is that I live in a really small apartment (47 mq), and I know if I have the space necessary.

Another problem: when I order I have to go to the post office and then home, always by car. Will it be problem with my car computer (it's all elettronic)? And if I have my laptop with me?

I know that they are stupid questions, but I really want to know before I have to throw away my laptop because It's dead.

Another question (I swear, it's the last one!): will your products tone my muscle body without exercise? will they keep me in good shape? I'm not in bad shape, I only need tone up but I don't like exercising. I'm 26.


ANSWER: Keep the devices away from TV and computer, at least 1 foot away. Don't wear the rings while using your notebook computer. My partner destroyed the hard drive which is lying right under the keyboard of his notebook because he was wearing the neodymium rings while typing.

The devices do seem to help you keep in shape even if you don't exercise. I basically eat everything that I want to eat and never exercise, but Im in wonderful shape.