Will the rings heal bodybuilding injuries?


Posted by John on November 10, 192002 at 22:42:37:

I do bodybuilding as a hobby, i love it to death, and wish to do it forever, but i have picked up a few annoying injuries on my years of constant pumping,i have a dodgey shoulder, and my back has been in constant pain for a year now. I was wondering if these rings will heal my injuries back to near perfect health? Even if i only use ceramic magnets, i'm planning to make them myself u see, but if i can't find Neodyminium magnets i'm gonna have to make do w/ normal ones, will they still be effective or do u advise the neodyminium ones for better results?

Thanx a lot Alex

ANSWER: I think the rings can help you recover from those injuries. But you better put a limit on yourself. Don't hurt your body like that. Of course the stronger the magnets, the faster the healing. Ceramic magnets will still work. But I would get the neodymium magnets if I were you.