Made the rings, seem to work


Posted by John on November 14, 192002 at 01:48:30:

Hi i posted a msg about bodybuilding injuries, anyway i've made the rings out of normal ceramic fridge magnets and i've been using them for bout 2 nights now. I experience tingling throughout my body and it seems to spread to areas which are injured, it seems to be working. Anyway i have a few questions to ask:

1. Does it matter if u take them off for a couple of minutes then put them back on afterwards?

2. Does it matter if they get wet?

3. The second night of wearing them i had severe diarhera in the night, wouldn't the rings of stopped anything like that?

4. Does it matter if i eat just b4 putting the rings on?

I hope u find time to answer these questions Alex, thanx a bunch. Oh and i got hold of some sailing magnets today, the ones they use to pick things up from the seabed w/, i'm planning on making footbraces out of them, cause they are extremely powerful. U wouldn't happen to know what kind of magnets they are? They're incredibly strong.
Thanx again Alex

ANSWER: You can take them off for a couple of minutes before putting back on. (stupid question?)

I don't know how you made the magnetic rings, but we build the rings with nickel coated magnets. So even if they get wet, they won't rust.

You still could get diarhera if you ate poisonous foods. But the rings help you get over it quicker.

You can eat right before you sleep.