Would the Immortality Device help with my vision at all?


Posted by Chris Tsaktserlis on November 17, 192002 at 20:52:28:

I have pretty bad long sighted vision. I wear glasses that are +6 on both sides (for anyone who knows glases that is pretty bad). I have ordered a pair of your strong rings and was wondering if these would help with my vision at all? And if so how long would it take? Note: did not order your rings specifically to fix my vision or antything, I am just interested.
ANSWER: First of all, near sightedness is not a disease.

A body builder who started body building at a very young age will become a very short man because he kept compressing his joints and supressing his bones. But being short is not a disease. His body has adapted to his living habbit. His bones have already changed shape due to all that pressure from the weights.

A near sighted person watches lots of TV and reads alot starting at a very young age. The shape of the eye balls have been altered. But near sightedness is not a disease.

So the conclusion is the device might not cure nearsight. The device also cannot make a person who is around 22 to grow taller.