a 75% decrease in chronic colitis symptoms


Posted by Auntie Peaceful on November 18, 192002 at 13:16:48:

Hi everyone! I think it was HonestJoe who mentioned in a longer thread that he gets headaches when he wears the rings. I get headaches too. I only received my rings a few days ago, but whenever I wear them, I have a terrible headache. However, I am familiar with that feeling, because they are similar to the headaches that always happen whenever I improve my eating habits. A detoxification effect, I think.

Headaches or not, I wear the rings every night, and am having some wonderful effects already.

As soon as I put on the rings for the first time, I felt my skin pulling itself tighter. I'm already looking younger, and my chronic acne problem is resolving itself. (Yup, I've managed to have grey hair and acne at the same time in my life!) I have less joint pain and more strength in my hands, which is important because I am a fulltime custom jewelry-maker. (Not trying to sell anything, but if you're curious, my site is www.kandjbeads.com)

I can bend over more easily, and my spine seems looser and less "subluxed". And most importantly, I am having about a 75% decrease in chronic colitis symptoms, which is my primary disability and which has made my life a serious challenge for over a decade now. I won't go into the details (body function stuff is embarassing to me!), but suffice to say that I am more able to drive and to be away from home, than at any time since the late 1980s.

It *IS* difficult to wear the rings at night. They are awkward, and sometimes I want to say "fooey" on it, and believe that it's all autosuggestion and psychosomatic issues. But then I tell myself, "What if all the newspapers and mass media reported that a dozen scientific studies have proven that these rings WILL cure disease and extend one's life. Wouldn't it be worth a bit of discomfort during the night?"

For me, the whole point is to believe that it IS possible. And this, in itself, is a remarkable sadhana (spiritual journey), because it relieves the fears of old age, sickness, and death...which the Buddha said are the greatest burdens that human beings must bear. What would it be like to live with the confidence that we will not be sick or aged? Whether the rings are "real" or not, I know that this is a wonderful issue for me to contemplate and work with spirtually speaking.