Does that mean personality will also remain the same?


Posted by Aaron on November 21, 192002 at 01:46:58:

Hey Alex.
I've tried a few times to post my question on your message board. I'm not sure why, but it never shows up.
I was wondering if you could reply to my quick question through e-mail.
I know your busy, so if you could reply when you get the time.
Onto the question : If a person uses the rings when they are around 21 or 22 , does that mean their personality will also remain the same?
And if a person uses them when they are in their 50's, and when they start to look 20 something, will their personality also change back to how it was then, or will it remain the same?
ANSWER: I don't know. But I think you will become more experienced and more dependable. But you look very young from outside.