Body polarity (male and female) are different - magnet effect for this?


Posted by Gyula on December 04, 192002 at 16:07:55:

Hi Alex,
I have ordered 2 pairs of Neodymium rings, and my wife an me are wearing them for a month. I feel I can sleep more deeply, but my wife does not feel anything. We wear the rings as specified in your internet site.
My question is the following:
What is the effect of the magnet polarity for the body polarity (measure by radiesthetic way)? Each person has a fine energy field which is polarised to some extent. This "radiesthetic polarity" measured in men and women is the opposite. Thus, magnetic rings might strengthen or weaken the body polarity depending on the person's sex. So male and female shall wear the rings in the opposite polarity (?)

Thanks in advance,
ANSWER: I don't know anything about radiesthetic polarity. But based on what I know, the rings work on both men and women. Maybe your wife is a very healthy person. That's why she didn't feel any change.