Wearing rings during sleep is important!


Posted by Jessie Avalon on January 15, 192003 at 14:58:20:

I have been wearing mostly the reg. rings for over a
year now. I noticed that wearing them during sleep for
ideally at least 8 hrs produces optimum health results.
It is a known medical fact that sufficient quality sleep is required for the mind & body to repair & renew itself. In terms of de-ageing, during sleep is the only time the body can produce & make use of natural anti-ageing hormones such as hgh. The use of the rings only enhance this process. You can experiment for yourself simply by stopping usage for about 1 month after 6 months & then resume usage. You should be able to at least feel the difference! It is also a known fact that people who don't get optimum sleep especially those who are unable to get more than a just few hours of it, are prone to both mental & physical disorders.