night time vs. daytime use


Posted by Tim Walsh on January 25, 192003 at 15:20:08:

Hi Alex~ I am an acupuncturist in Santa Rosa Ca and I recently came across your interesting website. I have been using '9000 gauss gold plated rare earth magnets' on my pinkeys as you suggest, for a few days. When I wear them at night I toss and turn waking up several times (my wife has the same experience). My question is - since they are so stimulating could I wear them during the day instead of at night? I did not see this dirrectly commented on in your site. Thanks, Tim
ANSWER: The problem is it doesn't work properly when you are standing or sitting. You have to be lieing on your bed in order to allow your body to relax so that your brain can initiate healing chemicals in order to repair your body. So you must wear them during sleep. There are no other alternatives.