Little Fingers Only?


Posted by Daniel on March 09, 192003 at 15:18:13:

You say that the rings can only be used on the little fingers. You say that if they are used on other parts of the body there is little effect. So why do the foot braces work when they clearly go around all of the toes? You also have a page talking about focusing chi energy to different areas of the body. Where you say people should tape the rings to different areas of the body to heal different areas of injury. So how does all of this add up? How do the rings not work on different fingers, but they do work on other areas picked at random?

ANSWER: I tried them on my other fingers including my thumbs. It just didn't work. In fact, the magnetic flux of my body has been retardated after I put rings on my thumb. I think it's because the thumb does not grow parallel to the other 4 fingers. That's why when you add magnets to the thumb, the polarity of other 4 fingers will be screwed up. But the magnetic bar works fine on my toes because all 5 toes are parallel to each other. So the polarity will not be screwed up if each toe wears a magnet.