made my own neo foot braces


Posted by Joe on June 23, 192003 at 02:31:54:

Forcefield has 2x1x1/2 inch neo magnets for $13.00 each.You need 8 of them.They are very difficult to work with,but I made nice braces. I wrap them with wrist sweat bands to keep them from sticking together while I sleep. If you are handy you can do it.use those 1" corner braces glued together to make 2 little C-clamps to keep the top and bottom separated.Use JBweld reinforced with wraps of magnet wire to hold everything together. Glue the magnets to metal hose clamps(cut 4inch long). A trick to keep magnets from repelling on the edges when you glue them to the strip:place a nail between the magnets and pull it out when the glue has set(careful don't glue the nail in there). You need to really wrap and cushion these well for comfort and to keep the feet from sticking together.