Magents weakening over time?


Posted by Dan on April 22, 192004 at 12:46:59:

it is commonly known that magnets become weaker with time (due to ‘free’ poles) near the ends repelling each other and upsetting alignment of tiny magnets.

What happens then? Maybe after i reach 250 years of age and the magnets start to weaken? If the things that are supposed to keep your body polarised loses its own polarity... Is there a way to store the magnets when you are not wear them?
ANSWER: Based on what I know, the power of magnets does not weaken unless you cook it in boiling water or smash it with a hammer. Some users said that they don't feel the power of the rings anymore after wearing it for more than a month. I say that they got used to the surge already. That's why they don't feel the surge anymore after they have been wearing it for awhile.