acne scarring


Posted by Frank Riley on May 05, 192004 at 15:15:12:

Hi Alex.

Please help me.

I have deep pitted acne scars all over my face that are totally ruining my

I hope that the rings will totally remove them, as you say that ugly scars
disappear with the rings.

What are the best rings to use and how long will it take to have them
totally erased from my skin and have the skin that I was born with.

If the rings will not erase them, I will not use them because I do not want
to live another day with these scars, much less for eternity with them.

I suffer over this so much, please do not ignore this message. I am coming
to you for help.

Thanks so much for your help.

I can't wait to hear from you.



ANSWER: I used to have lots of acne scars. But I used Salicylic Acid to remove
I applied on the scar 3 times a week. After awhile, they just fell off. Skin will become dark for just a few days. Then they turn back to normal skin color.
Then new skin grew back smooth and beautiful. If you look at my pictures carefully, you will see that my skin is very smooth. Thanks to Salicylic Acid.

Salicylic Acid, known as wart
remover, is sold in Walgreen or RiteAid or major drug stores. One can also order them online.

I did not give you a prescription. I simply told you what I have done with
my own acne scars. I bought the tube ones (like a tooth paste container, only about 3 inches long.) They are more easy to use than pure liquid type. I use the Dr. Scholls brand.