layer multiple magnets? also current neodynium price


Posted by G on May 18, 192004 at 16:33:13:

Hello, quick question- in terms of layering multiple magnets increasing effect? In other words, if take a ring, and place magnets from another ring above and below? (I've taken regular magnets out of regular magnet ring and placed above/below neodynium, and then tried additional neodynium magnets on neodynium rings).

Originally tried on Regular foot braces (older- handmade duct tape version), when I purchased a second regular foot brace in the plastic case- those hurt my toes, so I removed the magnets and added to first- seemed to increase power, but I wasn't sure. Have you tried layering magnets? (I was wondering if two 1000 gauss equal one 2000 gauss, or different? in terms of magnetic field)

Second- I saw on previous post that Neodynium foot brace bars (21,000 1/2x4.3x1/4" 4 bars) for $80 and I wondered if that price was current. thank you
ANSWER: The human body has a certain capacity. The highest grade that your body can take is neodymium magnets. So if you have neodymium magnets, you don't need to stack another layer anymore.

That price for the neo bars is still effective.