Will wearing the devices in bed hurt other person in bed?


Posted by Joanna on May 30, 192004 at 12:51:01:

Alex Alex Chiu where are you?

Please email me back! I have defended your invention in discussions with other people, so know that I am a friend not an enemy.
Anyway, just like I stated in the subject box, is the reverse side of the magnets dangerous to others who are close to you in bed? I just ask this because I know that it's been mentioned that using the wrong side of the magnet can be harmful. Also, what's a good way to travel with the magnets? Is there a way of protecting credit cards, cd players, cameras, etc. if they are all in the same bag with the magnets?
I need to know because I want to get the foot brace and ring and I ain't getting any younger. So hurry up and answer me!
ANSWER: It won't hurt the other person who is sleeping beside you. In order to cause harm to a person, you have to wear north on top of both pinkies or south on top of both pinkies. Just because there is a magnet close by won't do any damage to one's body.

To travel, make sure the magnets don't get close to your palm handheld or your notebook computer.