The first impressions and results


Posted by Oleg on June 27, 192004 at 02:08:49:

Hello Alex!

I wanted to tell you that I've got my rings and braces yesterday, it took exactly two weeks (14 days, no more, no less) to ship them from the US to Russia. So I checked polarity (it was alright for all three pairs of rings and a pair of braces) and instructed my father on the use of the neodymium rings and foot braces. He told he "feels there's a warm rising up" in his body. Well, my father has a sever problems with his leg, something with arterias which causes him a lot of pain every night and day, and he can't feel his leg at the mornings. Because of it he has to take shots of pain-killer every night, sometimes more than once. Well, this morning he's awaken in good spirits and told me: "I've regained my legs!" He could feel his leg alright unlike the other mornings and his sleep was calm and deep. He reported no high-rate heart beating or sweating. He's very excited about his neodymium rings and braces, he says it's a way to escape the pain and his leg's illness.

Well, as to me, I used the "normal" rings and I too felt warmth coming from my little fingers to my feet and then into the whole body. My palms were pulsing with warmth and my feet were warm, which is quite unusual, because almost always they're freezing in the night. I enjoyed the sensation. My heart was beating fast, indeed, and sometimes there was this feeling like a slight ache, but nothing so serious that would bother my sleep. I didn't sweat or felt too hot or anything. I've slept calm and deep as well, and when I awoke I noticed with pleasure that I could feel my palms all right (usually I feel anemia in my hands in the mornings). And that feeling of warmth in my body has stayed with me. I felt like I rested very well that night. I still feel the energy circulating in me and I feel the bloodflow in my hands and wrists, which is a pleasure, because I work on the keyboard the whole days... I feel excited because of all these positive effects and the lack of negative ones (I was a bit scared reading about the other people's negative side-effects) and looking forward to feel the other positive changes in my organism.

I also hope that the third pair of rings which I got will help my mom with her ill arms and hands, she has a severe problems with them and sometimes the pain is so acute she can't hold anything in her hands. So she has to take the painkillers' shots quite often. My father will visit my mom (she currently lives in other city) in the end of July, when she has her birthday, so I hope she'll enjoy my present to her and that it will help to solve her health-related problems as well!

I also wanted to ask you if you have a database of your customers, because I wonder if I'm the first person from Russia who ordered your Eternal Life Devices. It would be cool to know I'm a pioneer. However it would also be cool to know there're another open minded and progressive Russians out there besides me.

I plan to inform the other people around me about your inventions and I already began. So far the reaction coming from my closest friends and relatives has been a positive one, so I want to wait for more effects to come with my father and me, and then advising my friends and relatives to get their own rings and braces.

I'll keep you updated on the use of the Eternal Life Devices in my family!

Sincerely yours,

- Oleg