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Posted by I have 2 deseases (Eye,Skin) can these devices help me? on September 10, 192004 at 13:35:32:

Wut's up Alex!

If u could answer these question it would be a great help!! I have 2 deseases , the first is Retnaskeesus (small tears in my retna)Because of this i see white flashes and eye doctor said there is no cure to this ...and my problems might be warning signs to a retinal detachment which could cause blindness.

My other desease is vigaligo (white skin patches)caused by pigment cells dying off ...your devices say they can rejuvinate cells and have helped what im trying to say is do u think your inventions can help me!! If u think they can or might help me please reply!!! P.S. PLEASE REPLY!
ANSWER: I think the device can prevent blindness and prevent retinal detachment but might not be able to clear the floaters. The device can clear the skin problem.