Can your device cure HIV?


Posted by Fatt on September 18, 192004 at 16:41:38:

Hello Alex,

I've posted in your superiching forum and getting kinda desperate.

Do you have any customer with HIV cured using your device?

Another request from me is can you please predict using Super Iching when can we have a cure for HIV? and also the vaccine for it?

Finally, I stumbled accross this website using similar bible code calculation seen on your website claiming that HIV cure has been found in Armenia in 1998.

Can you please clarify this with your expertise in bible code.
Here's the link.

Thank you very much Alex.

ANSWER: This is a good question. I don't know if my rings can get rid of HIV. But I think people who got HIV or AIDS won't die with my rings on. I mean I think they might carry the virus, but they just won't be killed by the virus as long as they wear the rings. One of my customer said he slept with a prostitute and felt itches on his penis on the 2nd day. A week later, doctor has diagnosed this guy with some kind of sexually transmitted virus. (I forgot what virus) Since he didn't have insurance, it will cost him nearly $5,000 to cure. So what he did is he made a pair of rings and didn't go to the doctor anymore. And within a week, he's cured. He went back to the doctor a month later and the doctor confirmed that he no longer carries the virus.

I believe that the rings can enhance one's immune system to a level that the human body won't even be harmed by HIV or AIDS. But you still might carry it around, just won't be harmed by it. What I said on this message has no scientific back up. This is merely what I believe.