Diary on my experiences with the rings.


Posted by Alexandra Mayers on October 05, 192004 at 13:43:40:

Hello Everyone,
About a month ago, I came across Alex Chiu's website upon searching the internet for subject matter pertaining to immortality.

Immortality has always been a concept which has intrigued me. After reading Alex Chiu's thoughts, ideas, philosophies and future projections posted throughout his website, I felt that his immortality devices (the rings and footbraces) may be worth trying.

I'm a strong advocate of alternative health practices and medicine. Primarily because I've found many that work on myself and others.
I'm currently under the impression that traditional pharmaseuticals are designed to make people dependent on taking increasingly larger doses which just passify the ailment or disease rather than curing it (and I feel that it's like this due to the fact that medicine is a HUGE business here in the USA).

I've begun wearing the rings and foot braces nightly and am following Alex Chiu's advice on drinking Green Tea and taking the American Wisconsin Ginsing powder.

I am 25 years old, in good physical shape, and healthy. The only physical problem I have has to do with having stiff knee joints due to heredity, but being that I go running daily, it's evidently not much of a problem. For more information on me along with photos you can visit my website: www.AlexandraMayers.com

I am keeping a daily journal entries as to my experiences with the immortality devices and Alex Chiu's recommended health regimin. I don't feel that Alex Chiu is a "quack" or "nuts" because his ideas are based on logic.

As of current, since using the rings and foot braces, I have felt that I have a bit more energy and my knee joints have not been as stiff.

The only odd thing I've noticed is that when wearing the rings and foot braces, I have difficulty sleeping regardless of how tired I am, yet when I do fall asleep and wake up and I'm completely recharged.

I will post further updates later.

Alexandra Mayers