My head injury healed


Posted by Tom L eger on January 16, 192005 at 15:05:30:

Hi Alex i just wanted 2 tell u that i wouldnt be here without yr magnets. i was in a accident where i drove my atv (4 wheeler) into a tree bcuz i didnt see it and also probly bcuz i drunk a case of PBR (beer) that day. I am 15 years old and when they took me 2 the hospital they didnt knwo if i would live. i was in a coma and i had a broken leg.

my mom got on your site some how and made me some magnets like u showed her and brought them to the hospital. i woke up in 30 minutes and my leg healed up good, and i am ok now. The doctors dont know what happened, and i think they are mad becuz they were supposed to do surgeries and rehab on me and make lots of $$$ (money), but I am fine now.

So thank u for your product and website, my mom made me sign on to her computer and send yo this bcuz u saved my life, she sez. I am going to always wear your rings now when i drink PBR and drive my 4 wheeler.

THANKS DUDE!!! Keep on rocking the free world!!!

Support our troops! USA!!!!! oh-yaa!
ANSWER: Thanks for your testimonial.