Hemorrhoids: Will the Eternamag Ring help?


Posted by Jean Coely on April 29, 192005 at 18:43:45:

Hello Alex,

Have you received any testimony from users about your rings helping sever Hemorrhoids and/or curing? Or do you have any thoughts?

Thank you in advance for your reply,
Yeah, I received a testimonial about Hemorrhoids. And here it is.

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From: Benjamin Campbell
Sent: Thursday, August 05, 1999 7:12 PM
Subject: Your WONDERFUL eternal life products.

I am so grateful to have found the secret to eternal life. I am 87 years old. Before your rings I could barely get out of bed. Now I run 10 miles a week. I had old age spots all over my bald head. They have all disappeared, and I have even grown back a lot of my hair in huge clumps everywhere! I had trouble urinating and it sometimes burned when it came out. Now I can hardly stop it! My wife suffered from sever constipation due to throbbing hemorrhoids. The only problem with your rings is they worked too well. Now the flood gates are open! Do you thing it was a bad idea to put the ring on my male member? I tried that and I received a very violent erection. It was exactly what my wife had wanted for years. But after the erection, I couldn't get the ring off again. It was great for the first couple of days, but it was embarrassing how people would stare at the bulge in my pants. It turned blue, but I guess that's just the ring doing its job. I owe these wonderful changes to your rings. I look forward to living forever with my wife in eternal bliss.

Your friend and believer,

Ben Campbell