Broken Arm and Bad Fingers


Posted by Apolinar Sanchez on April 29, 192005 at 18:55:23:

Hello Alex,

I was wondering if your rings would heal my arm. You see, one year ago I was working with horses and one of them kicked my elbow one day and broke it. Since then I have not been able to use my fingers on my left arm, they don't move that well anymore.
I was wondering if your arms would help them move again? I would really like for my fingers to move again so I can type fast, use phone better, change channels of tv, and eat nachos. My left hand is the one I used to write with so I really miss it. I really want my fingers to move again, will your rings help my left hand's fingers move again?

Thank you!
The rings help you heal faster. In any case, I think you should use the rings so that your injury won't get worse. Your circulation definitely has been blocked. That's why its hard for you to use the fingers?